Letter to Ruth

May 25, 1918 – Letter to Robert’s sister Ruth ( letterhead said “On Active Service with the British Expeditionary Force,” “British” is crossed out and “American” is written)


Co. B. 140 Inf.

American E.F.

May 25

My dear Sister

The letter you wrote on 4/21 received today. I was very glad to hear that you are better and since you did not say anything about Bess or Mother, I suppose they feel better too.

We are settled in this training camp in France for a while at least. It is a nice little village. The troops sleep in barns. So far the weather is nice and we get along nicely. We are attached…

[bottom of page is torn off]

… teach us all the different branches of warfare. It is very interesting and we are anxious to get into the fighting and finish this awful business so we can get back to America.

The trip here had enough thrill to it to make it interesting. There are some things that are disagreeable and hard to get used to but, I expected them and expect a lot more.

I suppose America is beginning to feel the war a little bit now. I hope and pray that she will never feel it as France does, and I…

[bottom of page is torn off]

…I got Dad’s letter yesterday and will write to him as soon as I get time.

This Y is the only place that one can write and it is about 2 miles from where I stay.

Well Ruth I must close. I am going to write to Aunt Aggie and Swift before supper time.

Love to all


Where was Robert today? See the timeline.

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