Letter to Dad

"We can see the harbor here and can see and hear the ships coming + going. They are taking the 91st Division out now. They have nearly all gone and the 35th is next. I will land at Newport News. Camp Lee Virginia. From there I will take the Camp Dodge men to Des Moines to be discharged. I do not know how long this will take but I do not think it will be long." Continue reading...


May 16, 1918 - Full diary entry:“On sick report again, feel some better tho.Every day we see evidence of real fighting. Red [Cross] trains, supply train, aeroplanes, officers cars. Rushing to + from the front.Burgie was made clerk.”I’m 90% sure that “Burgie” was Albert F. Berge, who served with Robert in Company B of the 140th.  … Continue reading Berge