Bon Voyage

April 24, 1918 - Full diary entry:“Leave Camp Mills 6a.m.Loaded on English S.S. Adriatic.There are 12 ships going across. 33,000 men.Assigned state room 2nd class.”Robert certainly could have had a less comfortable trans-Atlantic voyage. The Adriatic was one of the largest and finest passenger ships of the era. This is from the US Army WWI Transport … Continue reading Bon Voyage

Packing up

April 22, 1918 - Full diary entry:“Issued steel helmets. No work.Burned straw bunks and loaded barrack bags on freight train.No mail yet. Wrote cards saying I had arrived “over there” safely.”I just have to laugh a little, although I suppose it wasn’t at all funny for Robert. “Here’s your helmet, now please burn your bed and load all … Continue reading Packing up