Pay Day

May 31, 1918 - Full diary entry:“B Co. won everything in the contests today. Muster in P.M. Rec’d pay for April. Everyone drunk. Received 51 [francs]. Sold my watch for 55 [francs].Will send 100 [francs] to Elinore.Call to arms at 11:30 P.M.Air Raids.”A lot to unpack here, but again, I have very little to go … Continue reading Pay Day

Decoration Day

May 30, 1918 - Full diary entry:“Decoration Day. Drilled in A.M.P.M. marched to Marche to a talk on bayonet by a Scotch Colonel.Reviewed by Gen. Wright.”Interesting that Robert called it “Decoration Day.” From what I’ve seen, “Memorial Day” had been a more commonly used name since the turn of the century. But it didn’t become official until … Continue reading Decoration Day


May 27, 1918 - Full diary entry:“Had a demonstration of English Drill by a crack platoon. Very good. These bums in Co. B. were jealous + tried to find fault. Bayonet drill in p.m.”Every once in a while Robert lets us know how he felt about some of the other men in his unit. Next: The … Continue reading Drill