Newport News

April 29, 1919 – Letter to Robert’s father:

New Port News VA

Dear Dad.

We had fine weather during our 13 day trip across the pond. Time dragged awfully but they fed us well + I read a lot also slept a lot, as a result I have a rather large (for me) stomach. I was sea sick a little at first.

I expect to be here four or five days and then go to Dodge.

The streets are decorated + a great many of the citizens were on hand to welcome us.

I should be out of the army in two weeks then – well I haven’t let that bother me at all lately.

If you are at the lake when I get home I will call you up + no doubt go to Sauk Centre for my family.

Better not write I don’t know what my address will be.

Seems mighty good to be home again.

It is terribly hot here. 

Love to all, Rob.

Ice cream + cake “sus-war.”

No idea what he meant in that postscript – “after the war”?

Robert would have seen the newly built Victory Arch in Newport News; it had just been dedicated on April 13, 1919.


Crowds lined the streets to cheer the troops marching down Washington Avenue.


Chaplain Edwards, one last time in From Doniphan to Verdun: The Official History of the 140th Infantry Regiment:

We landed at Newport News on Sunday, April the 28th, 1919. The Missouri and Kansas delegations met us in the harbor, and we docked to the music of cheers and the friendly whistles of the tugs. It was a happy crowd that marched out to the wooden barracks of Camp Stuart. The men could hardly realize that at last they were once more on American soil — home once more.

Where was Robert today? See the timeline.

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