Letter to Mother

March 5, 1919 – Letter to Robert’s mother:

My dear Mother,

I wish when you said that you wanted me to get you something real “Frenchy” that you had given me some little idea of what sort of souvenir you would like. It is terribly hard for me to think of anything but I will bring something if it is only a handkerchief. There is nothing over here that I would carry home for myself. Many of the men are sending Hun helmets, shells, belts, German uniforms and car loads of other things, but so far I have not had any desire for a thing. I have had lots of stuff that I could have sent but feel that if I get my hide back all together I have done well.

I will leave this town Sunday the 9th and will be on the road three days going to the coast. We will be at a little town about 9 kilometers from Le Mans. No doubt we will not sail until Apr. 25, I will get two service bars alright. I guess I will be sent to Dodge to be mustered out, but I am not sure yet.

The mail is being held so I have not had any for a few days and will not get any for over a week.

I will be mighty glad to be out of the army. Every pay day there are fights over card games, etc. Two men went to the Base with busted heads Sunday. One got hit with a beer bottle and the other with a bayonet. I don’t know whether they will live or not.

The Y.M.C.A. will close Wednesday and so there will be no more shows, nor a canteen. 

Well Mother as there is no more news I will close. I am glad that you have had a mild winter and that you all have kept well.

Your loving son,


Hard to believe, but after more than three months, Robert is right – the 140th is leaving Pont-sur-Meuse shortly and this is the last letter he wrote there.

Where was Robert today? See the timeline.

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