Letter to Dad

January 8, 1919 – Letter to Robert’s father:

Dear Dad,

Yours of Dec. 1 came today. I have been away at gas school for three days. Had a very nice rest. Not much drill and the change does a lot of good. Very instructive too.

Haven’t heard any more about going to Scotland but guess I can get mustered out here if I wish. In fact an officer told me that I could.

I shall always remember that your advice is always freely given and will have a lot of things to ask you when I get back. At present I have no plan except to work for Swift, until I can look about for a while.

The Spring offensive would have been some real war if the thing had not stopped. I almost feel sorry for we sure had a program that would have knocked the Bochie cold absolutely, but of course it is lots safer over here in France since Nov. 11.

Why not have a reunion at 1898 when Gilbert + I get home. I had a dream last night I dreamed that we were all there. Mother had a couple extra boards in the table and had the family silver out. At your place there was a roast goose larger than I ever saw and creamed carrots, mashed potatoes, turnips, a big plumb pudding steaming hot. I was sitting in my old place at Mother’s left and it seemed as tho she drank cup after cup of tea. At least I know she had that little blue teapot in her hand all the time. Gilbert and Jane and Bess were all there. I ate so much that I thought I got boils all over me but I woke up and I guess the cooties were biting me more than usual. It sure is awful to dream about real eats and being at home at our rather elaborate table and then wake up and find that instead of boils from over eating I was still thin and with a lot of French cooties biting me.

So far no combat divisions have been sent home. Peace may not be settled for some months and the 35th will not be the first to go back, so I do not think we will be shipped for at least three months.

I got a picture of my boy today from Elinore. I hope you have one by now. Isn’t he fat? What does Mother think of him?

No snow yet. Today was lovely. Just like a May day and actually it did not rain.

Had a lot of cloths washed this week. It cost 3 francs or 60 cents. About the only thing that is cheap. The old lady washes in the rain in the Meuse River. I don’t see how they stand it. We wear over coats but the old women are dressed as if it was June. It sure makes them old and wrinkled tho. American women don’t know what work is.

Love to all,


Robert really must have found the lectures at gas school interesting, because he took very detailed notes in the back of his diary.


Where was Robert today? See the timeline.

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