Letter to Mother

January 3, 1919 – Letter to Robert’s mother:

Dear Mother,

Well it is getting cold and is awfully wet + muddy. Washington sure was lucky that he was billeted at Valley Forge instead of here. He had wood to burn at least. We haven’t. We did have, but we had to quit. We used to steal beams out of old barns and the captain has to pay for them, so we knew that he might want a few cigars this month so we won’t give the Frogs a chance to get his pay any more, but we must have fires soon. It looks as tho we would stay over here all winter. I guess they don’t want us back until after election for fear the soldiers would elect Pres. Wilson again. When we do get back we will lose a good job. Just think 30 dollars and bed and board. Of course bed and board are the same thing in the army, that is when you get a bed at all.

Since I got my Christmas box and another from Aunt Aggie and one from Uncle Geo. West and Aunt “something” I haven’t been going to the mess line very regular. I guess I’ll quit eating my meals, it interferes with my appetite during the rest of the day. I do not know which box came from you Mother but I know that I got it any way and it sure was fine. There was short bread + fruit cake, canned stuff, a big cake, cigarettes, candy, sox and a lot more good things. Thanks awfully much. It came five days late for Christmas, I guess the A.P.O. must have made a mistake. I didn’t expect it until Easter.

The dope now is that I can be discharged in France if I wish to go to Scotland. Of course they will pay my transportation home from Glasgow. If the rumor is true I shall surely take advantage of it.

There is no news that is news now. Of course we always hear rumors but I never take them seriously. 

We have a show of some kind nearly every night in the Y.M.C.A. The Y isn’t responsible though. Our dear Major is the man who gets them for us. His name is Lemmon but he sure is a “Peach.” All the men like him and would go to hell for him, but I guess we don’t have to, now that the Kaiser went there.

Robert jr. weighed 12-½ pounds when he was ten weeks old. He soon will outweigh Teddy. Did Lenora send you his pictures yet? I haven’t received mine yet. I guess the A.P.O. didn’t make a mistake this time.

Well, I must close and go to the show. I hope this finds you all well.

Lovingly your son,


Where was Robert today? See the timeline.

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