Letter to Mother

December 27, 1918 – Letter to Robert’s mother:

Dear Mother,

There is no news just now, but as this is Christmas week we are not drilling much and have a lot of time to write or sleep.

One day they say we are going home and the next we are going to Germany or Russia. I have good reason to believe that we will have to take our turn in Germany and fully expect it, but Army orders change so often that one never knows. I would like to go, but of course want to go back to America most of all.

They rearranged the company and I now have an automatic rifle squad. However since I carry only an automatic .45 cal. revolver, I do not care. The men in the squad have rifles that weigh about 14 pounds empty.

They are issuing bed ticks today so I feel sure that we will be here most of the winter.

The Red Cross issued us sweaters yesterday. I got a pretty good one, but of course I would rather have had the one that Ruth made.

I have not received any mail lately, except a letter from Mr. Neilson. My job with Swift is waiting for me when ever I want it.

My bed partner went to the base with the mumps today. It does not worry me in the least for I had it didn’t I.

So far I have not received the present from Aunt Aggie. I suppose the money you sent did not reach her in time to get it here by Christmas. 

Swift sent me  two boxes of cigarettes some time ago but they have not arrived yet.

Today is “iron ration” day. We eat “iron” or “trench” rations. They are hard tack + corned beef in cans.

It froze up last night so we can keep our feet dry but as yet there has been no snow to speak of.

Lovingly your only son Rob.

He’s bored and getting more pessimistic by the day, it seems. Not getting any mail from home isn’t helping matters.

Where was Robert today? See the timeline. 

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