October 27, 1918 – Full diary entry:

“Arrived at Grenoble today. I am going to like it here. The mountains are wonderful.”

Charles Hoyt, in Heroes of the Argonne,  reports that the American soldiers were treated royally:

It was while on this sector the first seven-day furloughs were granted to the men. Grenoble, yet uninvaded by Americans, was the first furlough area thrown open to the Thirty-fifth or other organizations of the A.E.F. The French met the train at the depot with flags, bands and cheers. Pretty girls blew kisses from their finger tips and old women waved and wiped away the tears. There were twelve hundred men of the division who tasted again of the sweetmeats of civilization. They were given good rooms in good hotels, good meals at the best eating houses, and with no cost to themselves. They answered to no call except their own whims, went where they pleased in the city, and were treated as guests.

Grenoble really is a beautiful place, nestled at the foot of the Alps beneath a more than 500-year-old fortress named “La Bastille” .

Where was Robert today? See the timeline.

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