Wedding Photos

February 20, 1918 – Full diary entry:

“Got proofs of Nora’s pictures. They are no good.

Went out to Denzines for supper.”

Nora’s parents were Gustave and Amelia (Kannenberg) Denzine and Nora was the fifth of eight children. Amelia’s family came to Wisconsin and eventually Minnesota from Germany; she was the first American-born member of the family. Gustave, also known as Gussen, Gus, and Gust, was born in Prussia and emigrated with his family when he was four.

The only photo I have of any of the Denzines, coincidentally enough, is from 1917, just a year before this diary was written. It was taken at the funeral of Gus’s father. Gus is in the back row on the far right, and the note written on the back – I promise I am not making this up – reads  “Gus was mad because he had been written out of the will.”

Yet another story I wish I knew.


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