Letter to Jane

February 16, 1919 – Letter to Robert’s sister:

Dear Jane,

Well if everything goes well we will all be home in a little while, but if the Huns think they want some more war we might be delayed a few months more or less.

Elinore said in one letter that she might go to visit Mrs. Wellington. If she does be sure and call her up and see her. You and she might go to a show once in a while. You know “misery loves company.” Time will pass faster for both of you if you get out once in a while. I have told Elinore to go to shows but I guess she doesn’t get out enough. I advised her to go to Wellingtons just for the change. Another thing, she wants to save money, and I don’t want her to. She only gets 45 dollars a month and surely she should spend it. The mental effect would be better than if she tried to save don’t you think so? i want you to see my boy just to find out what you think of him.

I have not heard from Gilbert. I guess he does not know my organization, and I don’t know his, so I can’t write to him either. 

The 35th is ordered home but it takes a long time to move all our stuff. We hae turned in all of our horses and wagons to the 33rd and 5th Divisions who are occupation troops.

Had hot cakes for breakfast, hamburger for dinner and ham for supper. The first ham I have eaten over here. But army food has army taste and I shall be truly glad when I am out of it.

Hoping you + baby are well, your loving brother Rob.

As mentioned previously, Jane’s husband Gilbert Nelson was also in France, and their son Edward had been born in May 1918. Robert was probably right that Elinore and Jane could have been a comfort to each other.

Where was Robert today? See the timeline. 

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