Letter from Aunt Teenie

February 12, 1919 – Letter from Robert’s Aunt Teenie:

(Note: this is another letter sent to Robert from his Aunt “Teenie.” Unlike the last one, I don’t have help translating this time.)

Hope this arrives all right.

My dear Robert,

We were very pleased to have your letter and I know you got your parcel all right and just at New Year time. Is there no word of you getting leave yet? I do hope you are to manage your visit to Scotland. Even if it means keeping you longer from home and I’m sure it is a weary time for your wife but the joy won’t spoil for the waiting. It would have been nice if you could have brought her with you to see her new relations.

We have just today had a visit from your cousin John Thomson, he is in the navy and is on 10 days leave. His brother has [something] demobilized. Uncle Geo. + I were down seeing Uncle Tom and Aunt Jessie last week. Tom was ill with a touch of lumbago. [something] were all well a fortnight ago when we had a letter from [something]. 

I think things are pretty well settled through there again. Glasgow was in a bit of a [something]. A lot of silly discontents. I suppose James Gartshore expects his discharge very soon, and Uncle Jamie’s daughter [something] expects her man one of these days. Now possibly all this is not even of interest to you, so I’ll close up. [something] in love to you. 

Your affect. Aunty Teenie

You get the idea, even with a few missing words and phrases.


Where was Robert today? See the timeline.

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