Letter to Dad

January 31, 1919 – Letter to Robert’s father:

Dear Dad.

Well you may not get any more letters from me while I am in the army. At least not from France. The 35th has been ordered to move from here to the boat landing. I do not know what city we will leave from, but we are going unless the order is changed. Army orders are not very reliable but we are ordered home now at least. Of course it will take some time to get us to the coast and then we will be quarantined for perhaps two weeks. They will keep us in some camp in Kansas or Missouri for as long as three months. The best I can hope for is April 1st, but the fact that we are ordered home is the best news I have heard since Nov. 11th.

I have just talked to Capt. Ware about going to Scotland and he said that they will not let me go. I am real sorry for I had planned a great deal on the trip.

I suppose Gilbert will be sent back soon also. They are going to send the A.E.F. home just as fast as possible, and we are sure anxious to leave France and also the army.

I thought of going to see Gilbert but I would have to make a round about trip and since we leave here in a few days I decided not to bother.

We are very busy with inspections, practice + marches night + day etc. but we all say “Drill us now, and hard, ‘cause in a couple months you won’t have the chance.”

It tries to snow awfully hard here, but so far the ground has not been white. 

I will write as often as I get the chance but if you do not hear from me any more you will know why. Better not write unless I write for you to do so.

Love to all, Rob

All I can say about this letter is that I have quite a few letters dated in February, and envelopes labeled March and April still to come.

Where was Robert today? See the timeline.

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