December 25, 1918 – Full diary entry:

“Christmas Day. Had very good eats.

Show at the Y.M.C.A. At times I wonder if we are going to Germany or to Russia or home.”


From Pershing’s Crusaders, an account of Christmas Day 1918 as reported by a Marine:

Xmas day was spent much differently than usual. I was on guard the night before and did not get up until nearly noon. The rest of the day was spent sitting around doing nothing. For a wonder it did not rain that day and it was quite warm. It was warm enough for baseball. They gave us a good dinner, it consisted of chicken, mashed potatoes, salad, celery, gravy, coco, bread and butter, cake, apple, nuts, a can of candy, and tobacco… The Y.M.C.A. gave each of us a box. It contained two bars of French chocolate, two packs of chewing gum and two packs of cigarettes.

Another section from Pershing’s Crusaders explains the restrictions on the Christmas box program; I’ve added that to an earlier diary entry. 

Where was Robert today? See the timeline.

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