More Diary Details

Writing earlier today about the origins of Robert’s diary inspired me to look more closely at some of the other things he jotted down. On the very last page, there are two names written, with addresses in Grenoble, France:


I thought, “Well, I remember Grenoble – he was on furlough there. He met his friend Art Herbert and they got two French boys… to show them around… No. Way.”

And if you recall, this was also the anecdote for which I am fairly sure I have photos. Now I am fairly sure I have the boys’ names:

Jean Perrochot(?), who lived at 1 Quai Claude-Brosse in Grenoble:


His apartment had one hell of a view:


And Marcel Burnous (Burnons?) who lived at 4 Rue de Bonne in Grenoble. Not as nice a view, but it looks like a fun place to shop today:


Of course I tried to find them. It’s basically a waste of time, considering that I can’t even be certain I’m spelling their names correctly. I did find one mention of a Marcel Burnous, in a news story about a French man who was hospitalized in 1934 after being severely injured in a brawl. However, it took place quite a long distance away from Grenoble, and if this man was 24 in 1934, he would have been eight years old in 1918 and I think Robert’s guides were a little older than that.


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