December 14, 1918 – Full diary entry:

“Went to Commercy to a movie.

Heard the Lieut. Governor of Kansas speak tonight. 

Are billeted at Pont-sur-Meuse. Married 10 months today and only have been with Nora about 20 days.”

Commercy, where the 35th Division was headquartered during this period, is just three miles southeast of Pont-sur-Meuse. As a reminder, the majority of the men in the 35th were from Kansas and Missouri, so it makes sense that Lt. Governor William Yoast Morgan would pay them a visit.

Robert will comment more about this speech in a letter tomorrow.

From Heroes of the Argonne:

As winter went along, this dearth of entertainment was in a measure remedied. Troupes of singers and dancers and musicians were sent out over divisional circuits. Motion picture shows were given three times a week. A show troupe of the Thirty-fifth was organized, playing at Commercy and other points in the divisional area. Later the show was sent to Luxemburg and covered other cities on the A. E. F. circuit.

Where was Robert today? See the timeline.

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