Letter to Dad

December 3, 1918 – Letter to Robert’s father:

Dear Dad,

This is “Valley Forge” I guess. It is pretty cold any way. But it is a lot better than the place we left. I am in one of those big barns. We have plenty of hay + blankets so sleep warm, but it is pretty cold to write letters so I shall be brief this time. We have plenty to eat and only have five hours drill. The officers of the company are all fine men. The town is on the Meuse River and near the line, but the civilians have all left except a couple old men.

I hear a great deal about going home but do not know when it will be. We are all very anxious to go home. Today we cleaned up the town. It sure was dirty too. Now it looks a lot better. I do not mind cleaning up now because a non-commissioned officer just bosses the job and does not work.

I have had the diarrhea for a couple days but am well otherwise. Am sorry you had to quit the road. No doubt they will let you go back now that it is “Apres le guerre.”

Got a letter from Bess today. I am glad that Hennie will not have to leave.

Will write more soon.

Love to all, Rob.

“Hennie” was Elizabeth’s husband Henry, who had been called up to register for the army in September. No doubt they were hugely relieved when the war ended.

And who’s to say this isn’t the barn in Pont-sur-Meuse that Robert was staying in?


Where was Robert today? See the timeline.

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