Letter to Mother

November 19, 1918 – Letter to Robert’s mother:

My dear Mother,

I know I should have written to some of you long before now, but life in France is not the easiest. We have been doing a great deal of moving lately. At the time Germany surrendered to the Allies I was on my way to the front to take some small part in bringing about the victory that you have been praying for. It came just in time to stop me from going in to another big show I think. Since I have been in France I have been in action nine times. Your prayers and the prayers of my sisters, father, aunts + uncles, and my wife have brought me through it all that I may return to America to show you all whether or not I am a worthy son, brother, and husband and father.

Soldiering in France is and has been very hard but all the hardship is now all forgotten in the light of the great victory that we have helped to bring about. I have tried to do my small part as you would want me to do it. It is just about all over now and I am glad that I have played my part and have nothing to be ashamed of.

I am staying in a little French village. The poor people who once lived here have long ago fled. The town is in ruins. I can picture the people coming back to the place where they were once happy to find only a few broken walls to call home. America is indeed favored and should do all she can to help the noble French people who held the Hun at bay until America awoke from her sleep.

I am well; always have been. The sleeping on damp ground in mud + rain have left me a little rheumatism but it does not bother me when I am dry + warm. I hope you are well and happy.

Aunt Aggie and my cousin Agnes write regularly and hope that I will be able to visit them all, and I surely hope I will be able to. They are always so kind. They have sent me a lot of nice things to eat + wear. I can never forget what they have done. It has cheered me a great deal.

No doubt you have the letter I wrote a few days telling you about my boy. Mother I can’t tell you how proud I am of him. Tho I have never seen him I know he is a perfect baby. I hope that you will love him. You have been a kind and very patient mother to me and I know that you will be just as kind a grandmother.

The day is not far off when I shall be back in America. I have not made any definite plans for my future but probably will go back to work for Swift out in Montana or Idaho if possible.

I noticed in a paper that I picked up that sister Helen has been at Lewiston. I am enclosing the clipping.

I have been worried some about the “Flu” which is causing so many deaths in America. It is the same here, tho the army has escaped so far. I hope you have not had it and I hope sisters are well too.

No doubt Ruth is busy at school, also Helen, I have not heard from them for some time. 

It is snowing tonight. The first snow this fall. It is very beautiful and makes us all think of the snow and cold that we escaped by the ending of the war.

Love to all,


Where was Robert today? See the timeline.

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