Letter to Mother and Dad

November 13, 1918 – Letter to Robert’s parents:

November 13, 1918

Somewhere in France

Dear Mother and Dad,

I have good news for you. Word just received telling me that I am now a dad and you, grand parents. It is just as I wished. An eight pound boy. Black hair and blue eyes just like dad + I.

Mother-in-law says his head is just the shape of mine, so perhaps Robert jr. will be just as ornery and mean as I am. That will make my job of raising him the harder, I expect, but I feel capable and feel sure that he will be a better boy than I was. If I can do that I will feel much better and I know that he will be a grand son to be proud of.

Elinore may not have written to you for she has not been strong since, but as far as I have learned Robert jr. is a 100% perfect boy.

Now that the war is over the big question is: when do we go home. I do not think before Spring, but can not tell yet. I may have to go into Germany  to do guard duty or I might have to pull up barbed wire or I might be sent home. I hope it is home because I have seen enough of France and Germany too. I am anxious to get to work, though I don’t know what I will do yet.

I feel very proud that I had part in the all-allied push. It was the biggest battle of the war, and of history. I would like to tell you more about it, but that can wait until I get back. 

Aunt Aggie sent me another nice box this week. I do hope I can go to Scotland before I return.

Bess + Jane both wrote me nice letters.

Well I must close + get to bed. Love to all


Cpl. R.D. West

US Infantry

This is one of the first pictures of Robert Jr. I found; he’s about six here.


Where was Robert today? See the timeline. 

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