Postcards from Grenoble

November 1, 1918 – Postcards to Robert’s father, mother and sister:

Dear Dad,

This is a fine trip. Saw Mount Blanc yesterday.

Shall hate to go back to the front again, but will never forget the trip.

Love, Rob


Mont Blanc is 70 miles northeast of Grenoble. It’s the tallest peak in the Alps. La Dent Gerard (Gerard’s Tooth) is one of the Trois Pucelles (Three Maidens), a noted climbing destination overlooking Grenoble. This picture comes from a blog written by a French climber and outdoorsman.


Dear Mother,

You can look down thousands of feet from on top of these mountains.

Washed my face + hands in snow yesterday.

The whole trip is wonderful.

Love, Rob.


Dear Ruth,

This is where a lot of chamois gloves come from. How would you like to see the Alps?

I’m having the time of my life.



Where was Robert today? See the timeline. 

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