Letter to Dad

October 18, 1918 – Letter to Robert’s father:

Dear Dad,

Your letter came today and as I have one piece of writing paper I will write a note. At present I am not on the line but back in some mighty nice dugouts. I was in a real drive not long ago and got out O.K. It was my first experience in a push, that is, a real push. We had good success. 

Those cards do not always mean that I am in action. Sometimes I am out of paper and sometimes in camp in some forest in tents and can’t write. So don’t think that I am in action always if you get them.

I got a letter from Elinore dated Oct. 1st and she is feeling fine, and getting her check from the government alright.

I had been worried some about jobs when I get back and was glad to hear that there will be lots of jobs after we get back. I don’t know whether I will go on the road for Swift or not, altho I know my job is waiting for me.

You sure had a long vacation this summer. It must be lonesome around the lake with Ruth the only one at home.

I have not heard from Uncle George yet but write to Aunt Aggie and Cousin Jaime.

We hear a lot of peace rumors but have not seen anything that looks like it yet.

Do not know just when I will go into action but hope we can keep at the Huns until they are completely whipped, that we can go back home the sooner. I do not believe that Gilbert will ever see any real action, and I sure hope he won’t.

With love to all,



Where was Robert today? See the timeline.

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