Lieutenant Silverstein

October 16, 1918 – Full diary entry:

“Took job as orderly for Leut. Silverstein.

Will not have to stand guard.

Pat Green and I have a good dugout together.”

It took a while, but Robert finally got away from guard duty. This is not the last nice thing Lieutenant Leo Silverstein will do for Robert, either.

I’m happy to report that the lieutenant made it home safely – this is from the Kansas City Times, April 30, 1919:


Robert will also be on board the Nansemond. And it’s very cool to see Major Ralph Truman, Harry’s cousin, and of course Chaplain Evan A. Edwards!

Here’s the lieutenant’s service record. He must have joined the 140th as a replacement officer.


Now here’s an interesting note – according to his draft registration card, Leo was a traveling salesman for Benjamin Moore Paint. I can easily imagine Robert and Leo finding common ground – as discussed previously, Robert had been a traveling salesman for Swift & Company.


Also like Robert, his first wife died when she was young. Leo lived in New York all his life, it appears, and died on March 28, 1974 in Florida.

Where was Robert today? See the timeline.

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