Letter to Dad

October 6, 1918 – Letter from Robert to his father:

Dear Dad,

Have just come from the front where the [redacted] took a big part in the general push toward the [redacted]. We were very successful though the Huns put up a stubborn resistance all the way. You can read about it in the papers at home. We are moving away from the front now slowly because we are all pretty tired. 

We are in a town that has a few civilians in it. Most of the towns I have seen are no more than piles of broken brick and stone. The artillery having done its work.

I got an awfully nice letter from cousin James. He is not yet able to go back to the front, which seems to provoke him a great deal, owing to the wound he received over a year ago. He also is very anxious that I visit him at Cambuslang and I do hope I will be able to go there though it would cost me a good deal for the trip. Aunt Aggie has also written several times and sent me a lovely box of things that a soldier just needs. It came just after I left the battle, a most opportune time, for I lost my pack and everything I owned save what I had on my back. I am very anxious to meet her she has taken such an interest in me.

James says, “Don’t shirk a bit, play the game for all there is in it. It is worth it.” That is the same spirit you have also shown. A West spirit, and I shall try to do it, even if I can’t be a supply sergeant or get a commission or a Le Croix Le Gare.

James is a Gas Non Com and knows the dangers of Hun gas. He warned me against it more than any other weapon they use.

I do not think that the war will end as soon as you say but we can whip them and will in time. One must be in a big battle to hate them. Then the real fighting spirit shows its self.

About that bond money. Do not be in any hurry about it. Elinore is getting her $35.00 each month now and says she does not need it. She is just fine at present.

I got a letter from Mr. Tuttle. He is just as absorbed in Lodge work as ever. He said you have not gone lately. I hope you will take a few more degrees this winter. I should like to but of course I can’t over here.

It is getting cold over here and we will be wearing wool under ware and over coats soon. They will be heavy to carry about but will feel real good.

Bess + Jane seem to think they can’t write to me unless I write to them. I wish you would tell them that I can’t write to each of them. It is so hard over here the way we live, and most of the time there is no paper or no post office or something else.

Tell Ruth that if she will knit me another sweater I would be glad to get it. I guess she would have to send it to Aunt Aggie and have her forward it to me. 

Write soon. Love to all, 


Where was Robert today? See the timeline.

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