Letter to Dad

June 19, 1918 – Letter from Robert to his father:

Co. B. 140 Inf.

Amer. E.F.

June 19 -18

Dear Dad.

Since I have been moving all over France, I suppose there are letters from you and Mother which I have not received. No doubt they will come in due time. I am now a long way from where I was when I wrote to you last and so far I have not seen any place in “Sunny France” that can compare with Minnesota in any way.

I am still drilling and am really trying to soldier. I am handicapped a little because there are so many of the men who have at least a years training more than I have. We shot on the rifle range this morning and I shoot well above the average. At present I am a Bomber or grenadier. My weapon, the hand grenade is the most wicked weapon for its size that I know of.

Lieutenant Ware, my platoon officer took us out to some old trenches this afternoon and we threw a few grenades. I know you will be interested in knowing what kind of officers I have. The Major seems to be a real nice man and a soldier. I know little about our captain. Lieutenant Ware is the one man that I want to go “over the top” with.

One Boch plane passed over here since I have been here. He was fired at and chased away. This is the only excitement we have had, and we did not think much of that. We are soon to make another move I think and I hope this one will put us on the front. 

I suppose you are all at the Lake by this time. I can hardly believe that it is strawberry time, it is so cold here at times.

The last letter I got from Elinore she said you were up to see her and that she was going to the lake for a few days. I am glad you did that.

I have a good bunk and the meals are improving a little.

Last night I walked to a town near here. There is one of those old churches there full of old oil paintings. I should like to have stayed there for a day. It surely was beautiful.

I think I am missing the last part of this letter, as Robert always seemed to sign off and this one ended abruptly. Still, I’m glad to have at least this much of it.

Where was Robert today? See the timeline.

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