June 11, 1918 – Full diary entry:

“Am billeted again in a French village. We are now on Am. rations and find them better than the English.

Went swimming.”

The 35th was spread out over a wide area that included Geromenil, Pouxeux, and Aneumenil, collectively referred to as the Arches area. They were now attached to the French 7th Army, with a division of the French 33rd Corps. Based on a later entry, it appears Robert was in or near Geromenil.


From Heroes of the Argonne:

When the Thirty fifth drew into Arches at 8 o clock on the evening of June 11, Arches was not the village it was to be several months later. So with all the small villages in Southern France. It required a matter of some weeks for the American soldier to educate the French storekeeper to the amount he could be overcharged. After the soldiers were quite finished with educating the merchant, the merchant started out on his own hook. He dazzled the soldier with his superiority in that line. He could get more out of nothing than a magician.

Chaplain Edwards, in From Doniphan to Verdun:

These [railroad] cars were smaller and dirtier and slower than the ones we had first seen, but we traveled through a beautiful country, through Rouen, the environs of Paris, the Champagne district, and June 12, after a long march reached Pouxeux. Parts of the regiment were at Aneumenil and Geromenil. The troops had suffered from lack of drinking water on the march. Indeed our entire stay in France the supply of drinking water was limited, as was the supply of wood. We were always thirsty and never warm.

Where was Robert today? See the timeline.

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