June 7, 1918 – Full diary entry:

“Woke this morning stiff and sore in every joint. At breakfast washed in a spring. Marched 25 miles.”

According to another source, the 140th got to Maucomble on the 7th. I added a second map to give a little more context to where they are in France.


Chaplain Edwards, in From Doniphan to Verdun: The Official History of the 140th Infantry, adds his usual humorous spin on the march (note: they will reach Critot tomorrow):

Our march through Clais to Critot was a strenuous one. All officers had been ordered to cut down to fifty pounds of baggage, and the men to discard all unnecessary articles from their packs, but we had not yet learned to cut down. Our baggage was too much for our transportation and the men’s packs were heavily loaded. In 48 hours we marched nearly sixty miles under heavy packs. It was here one first began to realize the splendid temper of the regiment. Comparatively little equipment was thrown aside and few dropped out by the way. 

There had been a little celebration at Longroy the night before and one soldier was seen to start in such a condition that it was necessary for him to sight a tree and deliberately march towards that with clenched teeth, with perspiration streaming down his face. It seemed impossible that he could keep up but somehow he sweated the alcohol out of his system and finished strong at the end.

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