Letter to Ruth from Camp Dodge

April 11, 1918 – Letter from Robert to his sister Ruth (on “National War Work Council Army and Navy Young Men’s Christian Associations” letterhead):

Dear Ruth

We are terribly busy today but I must take time to write to you before I leave. They issued me two suits of clothes and a wagon load of other stuff. I leave some time for New York. I think it will be about noon. From there I will go across to France to train. I am very glad to get away from here but I hate to go and leave Elinore here. I guess she will go home to Sauk Centre, but I would rather have her at 1898. She will stop off on her way back to get her coat.

How are you getting along? Helen didn’t say. I hope you are out of bed. It isn’t so bad if you can get up.

I have always wanted to get a glimpse of New York City and I hope we will get a chance. Are you going to spend the summer at Lake Rebecca? I think I will go abroad this season. Don’t you want to go along?

It sure was a surprise to hear that Gilbert had enlisted. At least he will be safe from bullets. How is Jane getting along? And Bess? I will write them before I leave. 

I have only seen a few men here that I knew before.

If you want to put a basement under the cottage, I guess you better all get to work and it won’t take long.

Well Ruth I miss getting letters from Mother. Give her my love.

I hope you will be out at the lake soon. The weather is so nice.

Love to all


Tell Helen not to forward Elinore’s mail.


Interesting that Robert mentioned to his sister that his mother didn’t seem to be writing as often as he would have liked.

A few geography notes – in the map below, Robert’s parents’ house at 1898 Selby Ave, St. Paul, MN (referred to as “1898″ above) is at the lower right. Lake Rebecca, near Rockford, is in the center. And Elinore’s family was in Sauk Centre in the upper left.


Where was Robert today? See the timeline.

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