A show (hopefully) raises Robert’s spirits

March 30, 1918 – Full diary entry:

“Target range setting targets.

Got Easter card from Elinore. No letter. I wonder why she does not write regular.

Is it to punish me or is it neglect. Went to Lib. Theatre in evening.”

I wish I knew more about Elinore during this time, where she was living and how she spent her days.

From the Iowa Journal of History, vol. 6:


Liberty Theatre at Camp Dodge was opened Wednesday evening February 6 1918 with a home talent production of Rip Van Winkle which was presented to an audience of 2500. According to The Camp Dodger both the show and the theatre made a decided hit with the men. This theatre is like all the other theatres maintained by the War Department in the various camps throughout the country. It has a local manager who attends to all matters pertaining to its use. Prices do not exceed twenty five cents and smileage books are used in securing admission. Regular bookings are made for theatrical companies home talent productions are staged and moving pictures are shown. The aim is to provide good amusement of a kind suited to the soldiers needs and wishes at moderate prices. No profits are necessary since the theatre is planned to pay expenses only.”


Where was Robert today? See the timeline.

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