Valentine’s Day 1918 – a Plot Twist of Epic Proportions

Previously on MN Doughboy 1918: Robert West had reported having a date with Elinore Denzine, a woman not his fiancee, on January 23. Nothing written in the diary for three weeks. Now today’s Valentine’s Day entry:

February 14, 1918 – Full diary entry:

“Nora and I went to St. Cloud for License. Married at Palmer House. I Love her and Nora Loves me. Harry Schmit Best man. Rev. Sparks.”

I know, right? All I know for sure is that Elinore/Nora was pregnant, the engagement with Dorothy was broken, and the wedding needed to happen ASAP. As previously noted, their son Robert was born in September that same year. But there is still a lot to come before that.


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