Lunch, movie and a show with Dorothy

January 19, 1918 – Full diary entry:

“So. St. Paul in a.m. 

Met Dorothy at noon, had lunch together. Saw “The Sin Woman.” 

Went to the Met. “Watch Your Step.” 

Got home at 2 a.m.

High on Leaders this week also.”

Quite a day! “The Sin Woman” sounds AWESOME. There are apparently no surviving prints, but we do have the trailer from when it was re-released in Australia in the 1920s.

The Metropolitan Theatre (originally called The People’s Theatre) opened in 1894 and hosted live performances and then movies until it closed in 1937.

”Watch Your Step” was Irving Berlin’s first musical and opened on Broadway in 1914.

The last part, I assume, is a reference to his position on a Leaders list, part of his membership in the Masons? This is just speculation.

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